More of the same: Baofeng A52

Old wine in new bags: the Baofeng A52 appears to be just another variety of the UV-5R. And an ugly one, if I may say so. The only interesting feature seems to be the ‘reverse LCD’, but if the readability is as bad as the picture suggests I’ll pass.

Specs: boring, again more of the same. Price: between $45 and $50. Seen on, AliExpress and many other online stores.

Baofeng A52-1

Baofeng A52-2

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  1. If they would put half of the effort in designing a better radio as they do making new packages for the UV-5R they would be a more significant competitor to yaesu/kenwood/icom. I personally would like to see features such as a built in TNC for packet, an actual S meter, a better receiver, squelch settings that actually work, and a faster scan speed.

  2. Apparently the same innards as the OEM Branded GT-3 that Baofeng makes for Sainsonic. I assume from what I’ve read that would make it somewhat different, but similar in many respects, to the UV-5R?

    • For now I assume it’s a UV-5R with different looks. The GT-3 is on its way; we’ll know soon if that radio is different (better) or not.

  3. This post is incorrect, This Baofeng A52 is NOT just more of the same UV-5R, and it does not have the UV-5R hardware. This radio is new for 2014 like the GT-3, and is based on the Baofeng’s GT-3 hardware which is much improved. The GT-3 is hands down better than the old UV-5R, Not only that, the New A52 has new new hardware and is similar to the GT-3, and performs much better than the UV-5R. The old UV-5R is now a “has been”. It’s time to join the 2014 crowd, and update your post with true information.

    • I recently reviewed the GT-3. Apart from improved squelch levels, it didn’t perform any better.

      The GT-3 performed worse on the spectrum analyzer than an old UV-5R. So bad in fact, that I wouldn’t shed a tear when the GT-3 (and probably all other ‘improved’ Baofengs) would be banned by authorities.

      The stock antenna performance is poor and heats up quickly way before the radio itself warms up.

      I like Baofengs, I really do, but please don’t give me crap.

  4. You’re right Hans. I’ve had the UV-5R, UV-82 and GT-3. I am sticking with the UV-82 (the ZERO button is in the correct place !) and the GT-3 although a somewhat buffed up version of the 5R, its really not that much different and this A52 (where do they get all these crazy model numbers from ??), is just another knock-off of the 5R and GT-3. I love the UV-82 though, taller, better antenna, feels like an HT….HANDS DOWN the best of Baofeng so far!

  5. Hi. Would your recommend the A-52 or the UV-5R? As we would be using these during cycling. Can I get your take on which will perform better? Thanks!

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