The resonance frequency of a cookie jar

I really like my Rigol DSA-815TG and use it a lot, but I’m far from an expert in the field. I understand the basics (OK, a bit more than that), but realistically I hardly scratched the surface of working with them.

If you are a regular visitor of my blog, you will have noticed many reviews in which the Rigol played a major part. There are many more uses for a spectrum analyzer though, and one of them is testing / calibrating filters and cavities – if you have the tracking generator option, that is. Even a simple cookie jar has a resonance frequency, as is demonstrated in this blog post.

Resonance Cookie Jar

The demonstration tin used to show a resonance plot.

Great fun. Nice set of formulas there to memorize and use too. Actually, EDN’s website as a whole is worth multiple visits.


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  1. I wonder if presence of cookies resp. sort of cookies have influence on resonance frequency. Perhaps aging of cookies can be established on base of frequency shift. Cannot perform experiment myself. Cookies never age here…..

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