Zastone ZT-2R: dual-band TRX and wide-band RX

SAMSUNGIt looks like a bit like Baofeng UV-3R but the specs are much more interesting, and more in line with the Yaesu VX-3 *edit* the discontinued Yaesu VX-2: the Zastone ZT-2R is also a wide band receiver. With a price of around $80 it seems a nice deal – assuming it works. I really wonder about scan speed; most Chinese radios suck at that.

TX frequency range is limited in order to comply with European rules, but I’m pretty sure these radios can be ‘opened up’ for other regions in the world.

When looking at the battery it appears to be the same one as used in the Baofeng UV-3R, but I can’t be 100% sure. If true you can buy cheap batteries in abundance.

RX Frequencies:
MW: 0.540-1.8 MHz
SW: 1.800-30 MHz
Ham Band 1: 30.000-79(59) MHz
FM Band: 76 / 59 MHz-108 MHz
Air Band: 108.000 – 137.000 MHz
Ham Band 2: 137.00 – 174.000 MHz
VHF-TV Band: 174 – 222.000 MHz
Action Band 1: 222 – 420.000 MHz
Ham Band 3: 420 – 470.000 MHz
UHF-TV Band: 470 – 800 (729).000 MHz / (757-774 MHz)
Action Band 2: 800 – 999.000 MHz (USA Cellular Blocked)

Modes: AM / NFM / WFM
Intermediate Frequencies: 47.25, 450, 45.8, 10.7, 1 MHz
Sensitivity: 0.18 uV – 3 uV
Selectivity: 12kHz / 35kHz / 200kHz / 300kHz
AF Output: 50 mW – 100 Mw

Frequency range 144-146 MHz, 430-440 MHz
Channel Capacity: >1300
Channel Spacing: 5 / 9 / 10 / 12.5 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 50 / 100KHz
Frequency Stability: 5ppm
Battery: 1200mAH
Operating Temperature: -20 ~ + 60 degrees C
RF Power: 1 / 1.5 / 2 / 3 Watt
Frequency Modulation: Variable Reactance F2, F3
Maximum Deviation: 5 kHz(F2, F3)
Spurious Emission: H 60dB ; L 50dB
Microphone Impedance: 2k Ohm
Operating Voltage 3.7V DC ± 15%

ZastonePrice: varies slightly, around $80. Seller: Zastone (AliExpress).


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  1. While I admire your vast knowledge of Chinese handhelds, I feel I should point out that this radio is not ‘more in line with the Yaesu VX-3’, but it’s rather an exact copy of it predecessor, the Yaesu VX-2, including the spec sheet. At $ 80,- it’s competitive, as long as it matches it’s specs.

  2. Interesting: I opened the zastone webpage and clicked on the product data sheet link and it opens a Yaesu vx2r user manual!!! 73 lu8eq

  3. Yawn! Not another handheld Zzzzzz But really its great, so much choice now and low price. The Chinese are really forcing the Japs into the corner there is just no escape. can’t be long now for a copy cat HF radio?

    • About the Yawn and ZZzzzz, I agree – most of the time. At least 90% of all Chinese handhelds are based on the same radio chips.

      At least this one offers a bit more functionality than usual.

  4. Looking at the photo with the charger…… isn’t this HT a bit too small to handle comfortably ? I have my trusty Wouxun KG-UV2D, which is a lot bigger, and even though it’s a pain in the a$$ to put in a pocket of your jacket… at least you’re holding an HT, if you know what i mean…..
    Anyone have an opinion if, like mobile phones, we will go back to bigger HT’s ?
    I think we should… i like a lot of buttons 🙂

    Alex, PA1SBM

    • No, it’s not too small to handle comfortably, because there are only a few buttons.
      Some people value the fact that it’s fits in a shirt pocket ( together with the cell phone! ). The downside is that you actually have to read the manual 🙂

  5. i had original vx-2r and few weeks ago i bought this zastone zt-2r.
    it’s the same or almost the same , the same scan speed, same functions, same soldered/unsoldered jumpers, same supereterodine circuit, works with vx-commander, same battery np60, same ecd21 car power and same useless stock antenna.
    I like to think that Yaesu has sold his old project to zastone rather than a shameless copy.

    • Hard to believe “reputable” Chinese sellers wouldnt sell if fully unlocked (76- 220Mhz 300-555Mhz) if it was direct copy of Yaesu.
      On the other hand they might just not know what they are selling.

  6. It looks exactly the same as the VX-2R/E (I own a Yaesu one too) except it seems to be missing 2 buttons. Good to hear that it’s a real copy, with the same LCD, same specs (including wide receive and AM receive which the other Cheap RDA1846-based radios can’t do).

    The VX-2R is actually quite a formidable radio, but since I got better radios I use it as a D-Star modem now 🙂 (Modulator input/discriminator output). I had no other radio I could use. Another thing that’s very hard to do with the RDA1846’s. Only thing that’s pretty bad is its selectivity but that comes with the size I guess.

    I’ll give this one a look because Airband receive in such a small package is very useful.

  7. If it’s a clone of the Yaesu then:

    a) Power out on the battey is 1.5w VHF / 1w UHF only. 3w external 12v.
    b) No 6.25Khz channels

  8. Only 1.5w on VHF and 1w on UHF… It is very little…
    The receiver it is superior of UV-B5?

    Battery life = 20 min tx at 1.5w
    The standard battery will last about two days (single frequency receive) if not scanning. If scanning, the receive time falls to a few hours. At 1.5 Watts out, talk time is only about 20 minutes with a fully charged battery.

    Battery life of UV-5R is much better!

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