Wouxun KG-UV950P: notes from other hams

First of all I want to thank everyone for checking my initial results. Some things I found were a bit worrying and I really wanted to have these either confirmed or denied. The first input came from Markus DL9DMN.

I have a sample of KG-UV950 here, too. Got troube with squelch in 10/11m band, I will have to turn it full clockwise to get it closed, with only small signals (normally S3-S5).

S-Meter is second problem, it shows S9 with signals that should show about S2-3.

Then frequency is not correct on 2m or 70cm. With cold radio transmit was about 3kHz (!) to high on VHF, half an hour later it was still about one kHz to high.

Volume trouble here, too.

The Wouxun handhelds are really perfect and good working/selling radios, but mobile rigs seems to be more complicated for these Chinese manufacturers… 😦 Can’t sell it at the moment because people really would complain about the things I found in my (one and only at the moment) sample.

Yesterday Brick posted his results which are nearly identical to mine. The only notably difference is the output on 6 meters, which is higher than I could squeeze out of my sample.

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4 comments on “Wouxun KG-UV950P: notes from other hams

  1. Wow, I hadn’t seen this model of Wouxun before. A local hamstore told me that the KG-UV920P wasn’t a very good radio, but I haven’t tried one myself.
    I did a Google search just now for the KG-UV950P and it shows to be around $320 at one store and $450 at another. These are U.S. prices. I don’t think it is worth $450 but for $320 I might check it out.

    • Haven’t seen an improved version yet.

      $335 looks nice, but don’t forget 21% tax at the border if you’re unlucky, plus the standard handling fee charged by PostNL (13 euros I think).

  2. I have one wouxung too:-) In my radio there is also problem with the volume, and there are some issues with programming via USB cable. For exemple I do not have access to all programmed memory cells, Program shows them but radio doesn’t. Do you have any solutions?

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