Baofeng UV-66

Yet another ‘new’ Baofeng is born: the UV-66. Jesse K4AX, who tipped me off, writes:

Looks like a another UV-82 minus the dual PTT and in a different casing.
Looking at 409shop and seeing all of the different variations of the same thing is so mind boggling. If Baofeng put its resources into making better radios instead of cases …

Baofeng UV-66I suspect that he’s right: just another case, probably the same stuff inside. The specs:

  • Output: 5/1W
  • Frequency range: 136.00 to 174.00, 400.00 to 520.00MHz
  • Frequency step setting
  • High and low-power switchover
  • Battery-saving
  • VOX function
  • Wide/narrow band selection
  • Automatic-back light
  • Time-out timer (TOT)
  • 50 CTCSS and 104 DCS codes
  • Voice prompt
  • ANI code
  • PC or manual program
  • DTMF encode
  • PTT-ID
  • Busy channel lock function
  • Dual band, display and standby
  • Emergency alarm
  • Priory scanning function
  • 1750Hz burst tone
  • Low-battery warning
  • U/V cross band dual display

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  1. Hello.
    Have bought a Baofeng UV 66.
    Is there already software??
    Typing on the keyboard is not as good ..
    Sincerely yours
    Walter Koerber

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