New SSB/CW dual-band for 4 and 6 meters

Still in beta, but might be interesting for the European market. A company called “Noble Radio” (link) is developing a dual-band SSB/CW transceiver for 4 and 6 meters. Price point unknown at this time.

Noble Radio

Preliminary Technical Specifications

Frequency Coverage
4M: 69.9 MHz to 70.5 MHz
6M: 50.0 MHz to 52.0 MHz

SSB (USB & LSB) and CW

Circuit Type: Down converting design
Dual Conversion: 1st IF: 10.7 MHz 2nd IF: 25 kHz

Sideband elimination using phasing techniques with digitally generated Quadrature carriers and Image Reject Mixers preceded by 15 kHz crystal roofing filters

Ultimate receiver bandwidth set by adjustable SCAF filters (two 8th order filters used. One for High Cut and one for Low cut)

MDS = -130 dbm

Dynamic Range Figures:
Blocking: 110 db
IMD (3rd Order) = 95 db

500 Hz to 4 kHz adjustable with the SCAF filters
Ultimate attenuation of filters are 55db or better

Frequency Coverage:
4M: 69.9 MHz to 70.5 MHz
6M: 50.0 MHz to 52.0 MHz

SSB (USB & LSB) and CW

Output Power:
20 Watts CW or SSB (PEP)

SCAF Filters can be used to tailor SSB Transmit audio.

DDS/PLL synthesizer with 10 Hz minimum step size. Tuning rate is variable depending on the Tuning Knob speed (Variable Speed Tuning – VST)

10 Memories per band

2 comments on “New SSB/CW dual-band for 4 and 6 meters

  1. The price was rumoured some time ago to be around $800 US? Which would equate to the same here in UK sterling, if this is the case I would say it was rather on the high side for a two band radio.

    If a basic AM/FM CB radio 26- 28MHz 4W can be purchased for around £40, or an SSB Anytone AT-5555 which is capable of mid 25MHz to 30MHz, 25W for around £120 why should Ham gear cost anymore?

    • Hi Steve,
      Yes, I got some similar e-mails during the last few days. As it turns out this transceiver was announced a few years already but didn’t materialize yet, so the word ‘New’ in the title isn’t very accurate.

      It is interesting enough to hunt down some more information.

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