BoriTone BR-3

Boritone? Never heard of that one before, but this HT popped up on AliExpress.boritone01

It’s not the most informative page ever (click here), but this is what I can extract:

– Dual band, 136-174 MHz, 400-520 MHz
– Supposedly 8 Watts output (which I doubt)
– 256 memory positions (2 x 128)
– Waterproof
– Price: $84.27




3 comments on “BoriTone BR-3

  1. 8 Watts in Chineese = 4 Watts on VHF + 4 Watts of UHF
    BTW, if I’m not mistaken 4 is considered an unlucky number there… (like 13 here)..
    Nice keypad layout!!! 0 on the bottom row!!! (I hate the zero on left keypads..)


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