Incoming: Polmar DB-50

Remember this one? Yep, the Powerwerx DB-750X. As it turns out this transceiver is sold here as the Polmar DB-50.

K-PO, the Dutch importer of this rig, is giving me the chance to review one. They’re also the guys who lended me all the Anytones and Wouxuns, for which I’m very grateful.


The first impressions of the early adopters look favorable, but none of them are diving into the tech stuff my readers and I want to know.

BTW, the rescue sheriff is on furlough. Drive safely, you’re on your own.


One comment on “Incoming: Polmar DB-50

  1. Nice! Was thinking about importing the Powerwerx DB750 from the States, since I like the appearance much better than the Anytone, but the total cost was too high… Now the Polmar DB-50 is available! Hope this gets good test results and maybe it will be my in-car set soon.

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