Wouxun KG-UV950P Additional Notes

Some extra information gathered after the main review:

1. Low power issue

Some readers suggested that the MOS FET used for 10 / 6 meters is not up to the task. After checking Mitsubishi’s factory specs this assumption seemed plausible at first.

Decoding Mitsubishi Si MOS FET model numbers:

Mitsusbishi Si MOS Fet Decode

Mitsubishi RD70HVF1 Specifications:


In the end the assumption proved to be wrong; the Yaesu FT-8900R uses exactly the same Si MOS FETs for these bands. This leaves a design error, a bad MOS FET, or an unknown problem with just my review sample.

2. Squelch levels

Good news: these levels actually mean something.

3. S-meter

Bad news: even a noisy signal equals full deflection.


One comment on “Wouxun KG-UV950P Additional Notes

  1. S-Meters on Wouxun products – Let’s face it; we’re getting used to “Breaks the Squelch = S9+20”! They never fixed that between UVD-1 and UVD-6P, so why spoil the “new standard”?

    Stu, G3OCR

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