The KG-UV950P Has Landed

Last update: October 2, 2013. Full review now online.

The radio is now with John PA0ETE and is expected to arrive here next week. There are some rumors about the price, but I think it’s unwise to post them. If true, the radio will be really interesting… The final version is not expected to hit the market before November 2013.

Some preliminary data leaked out already. An interesting feature of the KG-UV950P is that any band can be assigned to any VFO, something the Yaesu FT-8900R can’t. Edit: proved not to be true.

It will be fun to put both radios side by side.

Edit: apparently the radio can do something else the Yaesu can’t: transmit on CB…

Frequency Range

Watch Unpacking Video (courtesy PA0ETE, language Dutch)

As of today there’s a new official Wouxun spec sheet. Click on image for a larger version.

KG-UV950P_new FLYER_130920


15 comments on “The KG-UV950P Has Landed

  1. So they give recieve/transmit in the 50MHZ range, but i am STILL waiting for one of these chinese mobiles to cover 40MHZ also. I understand that it is a limited market, even in the US, but i still think that there is enough for it to be worth it for them to do this, especially since it will cover in the 50 range so i dont think it is too much of a stretch for the hardware.

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      • The specifications says that the modulation is F2D/F3E. The F3E is obviously the ordinary FM voice mode, but what is the F2D. Is it just the ability to send a PTT-ID sequence, or does it have any support for digital data transmission?

    • My point was that F2D could be several things. At its simplest it could just be the ability of the radio to send a PTT-ID sequence of DTMF tones since this is also sending digital information using frequency modulation. But it could also be a built in modem with a serial interface for a computer.

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