K9 Tracking: Baofeng UV-5RDOG

My UV-5RDOG (Dog Operated Gimmick) is now in test. Barking and/or drooling will activate the transmitter; my Border Collie is equipped with a Doppler direction finder on his back. The direction finder’s output is sent to a small transparent monitor, which is located just in front of the Border Collie’s eyes.

Being the perfect herding dog, locating the runaway is now a matter of minutes. Finally home on time for coffee.

Baofeng UV-5RDOG CAMO, available soon at 409SHOP.

4 comments on “K9 Tracking: Baofeng UV-5RDOG

  1. I need one of these;-)

    On a bit more serious note, I have on several occasions thought about attaching a APRS tracker to my dog though.

  2. I put a PuXing on my brother’s dog, who looks exactly like the one shown in the picture. I don’t put in the collar, though. I snap it on a harness so it sits further down the neck and point the antenna away from the dog’s face.
    It’s really quite handy when the dog is off-leash. I don’t have to bellow at the dog, and the dog gets to run around. I just talk into my radio and say things like, “No!”, “Good”, or “Come”. The neighbours don’t want to hear me yelling at the dog, and the dog reacts to my voice the same way as if I were yelling. Haven’t had any submersion yet, but I did get a lot of dew on the radio from brush the dog went through. it turned out to be no big deal.
    Of course, you could do the same thing with an FRS radio.

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