VGC VR-6600P

This time Yaesu is in the copycat’s cross hairs: Vero Telecom made a copy of the FTM-350. Apart from the obvious (it is a dual band transceiver with cross-band capabilities) everything else is unknown.

VR-6600PAlso in Vero Telecom’s pipeline:

–  the VR-DB2R, a dual-band handheld two way radio with Cross-Band, Full-Duplex and Dual Receive (dual VFO, so able to receive UHF and VHF simultaneously),
– the VR-200, a 66-88MHz two way radio, interesting for European hams.


3 comments on “VGC VR-6600P

    • The ones I can find are labeled VR-6600 (without the P) and look more like Kenwood radios. Confusing model numbers are a trade mark in China.

  1. Nice photo-shop.
    Who actually bought a Vero Electronic branded radio?
    Vero Electronics was the company that taunted us for years with their catalogs, while Puxing was selling mono band radios (777).
    (I’ll be happy to admit that I’m mistaken, but I wouldn’t hold my breath either)


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