LED lamps becoming cheaper – and noisier

LED lamps are becoming cheaper by the day – and noisier. A recent study by PF0EMC and others shows the spectrum from 3 MHz to 30 MHz.

The first image shows the spectrum with the LED lamp switched off, the second one with the LED lamp switched on. You can click on the images for a better (sharper) view.

Background Noise 1

3 MHz to 30 MHz, LED lamp switched off

Background Noise 2

3 MHz to 30 MHz, LED lamp switched on

So it’s getting worse and worse. Now we not only have to deal with PLC technology, but also with something basic like lighting. While I can temporarily kill a PLC device (it’s against Dutch law to discuss how, don’t ask, you won’t get an answer), I can’t switch off someone’s LED lights.

5 comments on “LED lamps becoming cheaper – and noisier

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  2. Thankfully the FCC here in the States has blocked all broadband internet over power lines. They ran some tests a while back and a bunch of ham guys complained because HF was ‘dead’. I’m guessing that is what you mean by PLC.

    I’m not sure if the smart grid technology that is being deployed in places like Baltimore Maryland and various parts of Florida use radio waves to communicate or if they send the signal over the power lines. Thankfully smart grid has not come to my neighborhood for me to find out, and probably never will.

    • You’re blessed then. And yes, PLC stands for Power Line Communications. Many ISP’s here almost give them away as an alternative for wiring the house the conventional way.

  3. Not trying to question your decision (I agree it is not wise to disclose this) but on a serious note I’m just wondering what in the Dutch law prohibits talking about jamming PLC connections? I thought we could talk about pretty much anything and just the actual “doing” was illegal. But I haven’t been following these things very well.

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