Hacking the Baofeng UV-B5

Lior KK6BWA is in the process of hacking the Baofeng UV-B5. He writes:

As soon as I got the radio, I took it apart. I did not even use it, just turned it on to make sure its not defective. It looks like Baofeng has redesigned this radio, but they are still using the RDA1846 chip for the 2M/70cm radio and the RDA5802 for the FM radio. Additionally, they have added more circuit isolations between circuit blocks, which should makes this radio a better receiver.

And the best part… They have separated the CPU board from the radio with a flat 30 pin FPC cable (0.5mm pitch). This should make this radio very simple to hack, since we could design a separate board and place it on the radio.


If you want to read more and follow his progress, go here.


7 comments on “Hacking the Baofeng UV-B5

  1. that’s great, easier to hack than the th-uv3.

    These radios will be great as a platform for other projects…

    I wish there would be some radios or just radio modules coming out based on the RDA1847 though (the same chip but with SDR I/Q input/output), so you could do all-mode.

  2. When you separate the boards I seen there is a spring that makes a connection.
    Without this the main board gets very hot in receive mode.
    Just a word of advice

    • That’s some great advice- many who aren’t experienced but love to play around in electronics may not notice this spring depending on its location, etc. –The size and type of spring isn’t mentioned, I’m wondering if it’s a small typical spring, to make connection within a voltage regulator circuit ? or a larger aluminum – or – springy type of metal used as a heat sink? I can only imagine given the cheap Chinese electronics used but we got what we paid for, no doubt. Could very well be a ground connection causing higher voltage in an area when contact is broken. Regardless, your advice has probably saved many radios since your post. I have the UV-82L. 73’s, Jeff

  3. Is.
    Ik heb regelmatig last van een zeer benepen audio’ terwijl de dame met chinees accent wel duidelijk is.
    Klikt dit iemand bekend in de oren?
    De commander staat uit.
    Ik hoor het graag, vast mijn dank.
    Hein pa3cuu

    • Hi Mariuz,

      I didn’t hear anything about the project anymore, and the link to KK6BWA’s website doesn’t work anymore.

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