KN-920 First Impressions

Fred VE3FAL ordered one, and writes:

I did get one last week and it is a nice looking radio with nice display and great work on the silk screening and covers, but it lacks in performance for sure.

The DDS is very noisy with birdies all over the bands, the lack of menus and manual is a big one, but the radio is essentially easy to operate. The big cooling fan in the back has to go as it is loud and draws extra current.

The radio is a full 10w on cw, USB and LSB work but AM mode is bad. Shipping was quick. More later.

Added Sept 22. 2013:

Made a number of contacts on it from 8-15 meters and in the middle of a QSO on 20 meters the power supply quit and so did the radio. Could smell something burning and had to reset the power supply. The IRF530 or one of the two shorted and caused the foil trace to burn up and pop the finals.

I have had very little help from the company and no replies from the builder.Been no word on compensation or repair help on this at all. They asked if I can replace the finals and made mention that foil might also be burnt. There are much better radios out there with warranty and return policy for sure. I am awaiting a set of finals to put in and then will perform surgery.

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  1. There never was any resolve from the seller on the problem radio nor was I ever offered any replacement or even a partial refund as per Aliexpress policy. The seller ignores all my emails and notes sent via Aliexpress webpage. I have continued to email Aliexpress about my issue and they have disallowed the seller from further selling this radio. The problem is we are beta testers for these products out of China and QC is a major issue as are returns or repairs.

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