Baoclone – Baofeng Programming Utility

Sergey KK6ABQ made a new, simple programming tool for Baofeng radios: Baoclone. News just dropped in, so I have had no time yet to take a look at it.

Sergey writes:

Let me introduce you a simple tool for programming Baofeng handhelds via a serial or USB programming cable. It’s a command line utility, which can reliably save the memory image of the radio to binary file, and restore it back later. The configuration is also printed to text file in self-documented readable format. The configuration file can be modified by the user, and then programmed to the station. An example of such configuration you can see here: uv-5r-sunnyvale.conf.

Supported radios:

– Baofeng UV-5R family
– Baofeng UV-B5, UV-B6
– Baofeng BF-666S, BF-777S, BF-888S

Link for download: here (96 kbytes). The package contains binaries for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, and a set of configuration examples. Sources are available under the terms of MIT license. Visit Googlecode site for more information. Any feedback is welcome.


5 comments on “Baoclone – Baofeng Programming Utility

  1. Trying to find any hints, suggestions, instructions, etc that would help a Windows person assist a Macbook person to program his UV-5R with his Macbook.

  2. i tried v1.3 on a uv-b6. i knew going into it your app may not be able to read/write it.
    will your app be able to access uv-b6 and uv-82 in the near future?

    i’m wanting to be able to export the “settings” of the radios into a csv type file for comparison. i don’t think Chirp does that either.

    ##this is the return error if you’re interested:
    D:\Dev\UV-B6\baoclone-1.3>baoclone COM4
    Connect to COM4.
    Detected Baofeng UV-B5.
    Read device: Bad acknowledge after block 0x0000: 3a

  3. Thanks for the baoclone’s introduction.
    I like baoclone very much. It is a small program, and work flawlessly with my Baogeng A52; a GT-3 variant. It tooks only 13 seconds to read the binary setting from the radia, and another 13 seconds to write back to the radio.

    The configuration file is very well commented/documented, and it can be edit using text editor. I already filled up my A52 with 102 HAM repeaters around my country (.my). Using 4 fields simple list;
    I made an “awk” script to convert it to baoclone parsable list format, which has 12 fields.

    BTW, I am using GNU/Linux Slackware64, and need to complle the source code myself because the package does not come with GNU/Linux 64 bit binary executable. There is a minor issue with it, which I reported in “Issues” on the baocloen’s gogle code page, but, everything else is working fine with my A52.

    Thank you.

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