Free version HRD removed from servers

From the HRD website:

The free version of the popular amateur radio software HRD will no longer be available for download from HRD Software LLC after August 31.

All 5.x Files will be removed from the server on September 1, 2013. You may host these files on your server or have them on a CD, but you may NOT charge for the CD or the access to your server.

Until then: go here.



5 comments on “Free version HRD removed from servers

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  2. I have just downloaded the exe file for the October 2012 version. I am still waiting for a replacement pc to run GM6MEN-L, and hope to set it up to drive either the Ten-Tec Jupiter or the FT-847.

  3. I have just set it up on my old PC and laptop, and it drives the Ten-Tec perfectly.

    Am I mis-remembering something? I thought it was possible to toggle transmit via the keyboard.

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