Icom IC-7100 Worldwide Recall

Icom sent out a letter to their customers regarding a worldwide recall of their new flagship, the IC-7100. At first the reasons for this recall were unclear, until I got hold of Chris Lougee.


Chris, Icom America’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, explained:

There proved to three problems with this model which escaped our attention during development. The most urgent matter on our agenda is replacing the touchscreen by an upgraded model.

What’s wrong with the current touchscreen?

Under normal circumstances, nothing. However, when a ham radio operator is picking his nose – and believe me, many do – the dried-out nasal mucus remains will be devastating.

I don’t follow.

Nose-picking is the act of extracting nasal mucus with one’s finger (rhinotillexis). Some hams will automatically ingest the mucus (mucophagy), but many don’t. Once dried-out nasal mucus is stuck onto the touchscreen, it is impossible to remove it without severely damaging the screen. We will replace the screen by a scratch-proof one. A mucus-proof one, if you will.

The second problem we need to know about?

To attract customers who never mastered the art of attaching an N-connector to a coax cable, we decided to use SO-239 for VHF/UHF. This decision also proved to be a bad mistake.


We initially assumed that users would still use a good quality coax cable, but instead they used low quality, high-loss RG-58 which they salvaged from the time they were on CB. Immediately complaints rolled in about bad reception and bad signal reports. We will exchange SO-239 for N, and hand out a free instruction set on how to attach these connectors properly and which cable to use.

Sounds like a good idea to me. You mentioned that there were three problems. Did I miss one?

Yes, the design. Many owners complained about the fact that the radio looks almost identical to an alarm clock. On a few occasions this resulted in the total destruction of the control head.

Sorry Chris, but this sounds a bit implausible to me.

It sounded implausible to us too at first. The problem only occurs after many hours of contesting. Contesters generally fall asleep in their shack, hear the alarm clock at 6.00 am, want to silence it, but hit the Icom control head instead. Not much was left of the ones we got back for repair.

I hope D-Star still works as advertised?

Yes, D-Star works great. You still sound like a Dalek, but that’s a feature, not a bug, haha!

Any idea how much time all of this will take?

All radios will be sent back to Japan, refitted and tested by our nasal mucus experts. The control head will be encased in stainless steel. Turnaround time will be up to three months. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Apologies accepted. Thank you for all the information, Chris, and hope to meet you again.

Thank you too, Hans. I love your blog! Have a great day!

22 comments on “Icom IC-7100 Worldwide Recall

  1. Sinds een week eigenaar van deze trx voor de moderne radio amateur.
    De rustig ontvangst en de uitstekende audio rapporten op HF kenmerken deze super radio.

    Het grote display laat in Digital Voice/D-Star mode steeds meer nieuwe NL amateurs zien, op het landelijk dekkend netwerk.
    D-Star geniet in populariteit de groei is er nog lang niet uit, zeker met de komst van deze alleskunner de 7100 is een belevenis op zich……


    Keep up the good work with your blog, it’s one of my favorites.

  2. Hans,

    leuk blog, maar dit klinkt een beetje alsof je jaloers bent op onze mooie (ja, ik zei mooie) ic-7100, met een fijne interface die zowaar intuïtief is.

  3. This does NOT sound like responses from a Vice president of a large corporation. What a SNOTTY (no pun intended) attitude. I will remain with Kenwood and Jeff, I am with you, I will NEVER buy a ICOM. What a horses ass to say things like that about hams. If you don’t want to play in the HAM arena get the hell out. No need to insult good people. All you dumb asses need is a plastic that goes on the touch pad like cell phones and ipads unless you provided the cheapest thing you could find for the radio head which leads me to believe there are other issues with the touch screen. Brad KB2CHY…Kenwood FOREVER!!

    • I can’t believe it !
      mucus proof screen? bull !
      some other problems may be there and they don’t like to disclose…
      Kenwood forever and ever again

  4. Does this post really need a “humor tag”? Nasal mucus? Seriously?! Come on folks…it’s satire. I struggle to understand how anyone could read this and not realize it’s satirical.

  5. “…I struggle to understand how anyone could read this and not realize it’s satirical..”

    Interesting use of the word ‘satirical’. I’d always thought that satire was supposed to be funny?

    • So you’re the world’s censor to decide what we have to take as “fun” or “funny”? Just stop patronizing…

  6. You’re really not a funny person. What *is* slightly amusing is that there were a lot of stupid hams who believed your dumb satire.

  7. and the noise in monitor position? a tickering sound like a slow machine gun–icom ignore this fault also inthe new firmwareupdate……they are no founders only copying good old europe and america….have alook at my youtube “icom 71oo serienfehler”

  8. Some people need to get a life, or see their doctor for a new prescription of their treatment. This is clearly a satirical article. Satire, the art of taking the p.

  9. Part of this sattire has merit though, using a SO-239 connector for vhf/uhf is a mistake.
    Please also note the next remark in the advanced manual:
    The IC-7100 is not certified for vehicle installation in European countries. (As of June 2013)
    Now, my impression was ‘mobile’ tranceiver? Why can i not use my IC-7100 in my car?

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