HF transceiver for under $400: KN-920

Steve G1KQH sent me a link to one of the latest HF transceivers from Chinese origin, the KN-920. With a price tag of only $346.55 a piece (shipping not included), it is a cheap radio for sure. The radio is targeted to QRP operators, as the maximum output is 10 Watts (can be configured up to 20 Watts).

RX frequency range: 30 KHz to 29.999999 MHz

TX Bands:
3.500 – 3.9999 MHz
7.000 – 7.300 MHz
10.100 – 10.150 MHz
14.000 – 14.350 MHz
18.068 – 18.168 MHz
21.000 – 21.450 MHz
24.890 – 24.990 MHz
28.000 – 29.700 MHz

Modes: SSB, CW, FM, AM (RX only).
Memories: 100
TX power: 1-10 w continuous adjustable (maximum power can be adjusted, maximum 20 Watts)
LCD screen: Frequency; Power, Mode; S-meter; SWR
Power requirements: RX: 13.8V / 0.7A; TX: 13.8V / 4A
Antenna interface: SO-239
Size: 230 x 230 x 90mm
Weight: 3.5 KG

More (sometimes cryptic) specs can be found on the seller’s page.


18 comments on “HF transceiver for under $400: KN-920

  1. Hans, are you planing to do a review? There are those of who would really like to get into HF, but don’t have a lot of money.



    • No, I don’t. I have a good relationship with some Chinese manufacturers regarding review samples, but most expect me to order and pay for a sample myself. Unless a Dutch importer gets hold of one, this radio won’t be on my list.

      • Have had the same problem, money first, then review…
        It is a shame as there is some neat stuff coming out of China, each time I talk to these guys they say orders are hot and heavy.


  2. At that kind of price it’ll still have to compete with used Icom 706’s and the like.. It would have to be good. I’d also love to see a review though!

  3. I bought one last month, do some performance test and now it is available for sale in ebay. 73 Charlie / VR2XMT in Hong Kong

  4. It is a very nice radio and performance is acceptable, but too many radio in the shack and some of them must go. The KN-920 sold very quickly… hi
    I have the KN-Q10A on sale in ebay as well.

  5. Less than half the price I just paid for a second-hand Ten-Tec Jupiter. My only questions would be whether by judicious tinkering, a) AM could be persuaded to work, and b) other frequencies could be opened up (say, 5MHz).

  6. I did get one last week and it is a nice looking radio with nice display and great work on the silk screening and covers, but it lacks in performance for sure. The DDS is very noisy with birdies all over the bands, the lack of menus and manual is a big one, but the radio is essentially easy to operate. The big cooling fan in the back has to go as it is loud and draws extra current. The radio is a full 10w on cw, USB and LSB work but AM mode is bad. Shipping was quick. More later

    • Made a number of contacts on it from 8-15 meters and in the middle of a qso on 20 meters the power supply quit and so did the radio. Could smell heat and had to reset teh power supply. The IRF530 or one of the two shorted and caused the foil trace to burn up and pop the finals. I have had very little help from the company and no replies from the builder.Been no word on compensation or repair help on this at all. They asked if I can replace the finals and made mention that foil might also be burnt. Ther are much better radios out there with warranty and return policy for sure. I am awaiting a set of finals to put in and then will perform surgery.
      More later

      • So I got a set of finals, took the old ones out and checked to see if I had any other issues in the area of the finals other than the burnt trace and all looked good. Replaced the finals and repaired the burnt trace. Turned power on and no smoke, keyes up with dummy load and watt meter on and RF power turned all the way down, brought power up to two(2) watts and keyed for a few seconds, smiled and then poof, magic smoke on the other final trace and blew same way first one did. Told supplier who asked me to send it to him who would send to maker and if other issue causing problem that they would cover cost of shipping. I said no thanks will bite the bullet on this one and let someone else play with it. Buy something else gang, I just picked up Vertex VX-1700 for $600.00 shipped that was in near new condition..So be careful

  7. Just to let everyone know there NEVER was a resolve on the KN-920 that I purchased and had issues with. The seller refused to give me any kind refund or resolve on this issue and has not answered any of my emails sent direct to him and via Aliexpress. Aliexpress has stopped the seller from selling the item because of the issue..Fred VE3FAL

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