Phone Spam

Keeping my US phone # active is great, but people trying to sell me something is annoying. They talk, talk and talk, but don’t listen.

Normally I just hang up, but for some unknown reason I didn’t this time. phone-spamOMG, what a chatterbox it was. Some company offering financial services.

“Is this number (702) … …. correct?

“Yes, but I don’t live in Vegas. I live in the Netherlands. Your call is transferred to Europe.”

“What is your address in Las Vegas where we can send this amazing offer?”

“Again, I don’t live in Vegas. I live in the Netherlands. Your call is transferred to Europe.”

“OK. Will you be in Vegas next week?”

“No. I could be there in November, not sure.”

“OK. What is your address when you’re here?”

“No idea. One of the hotels.”

“OK. Which hotel?

“No idea, it changes every time. So do room numbers.”

“OK….” (insert panic silence here)

Out of options on how to explain this peroxide-damaged lady that I’m not an American, let alone a potential customer, I did what I always do: I hung up the phone. What a relief.

Oh wait, just noticed a flashing LED on the phone signaling that I have voice mail. Sigh. Help. Please.

10 comments on “Phone Spam

  1. It looks like I’m not the only one getting recorded calls from
    Rachael, at Card Holder Services.

    Brick is correct. The Do Not Call list works (most of the time)

  2. Change your voicemail message to start with SIT tones before you start the message. In doing so, many autodialers will mark it as a bad number and remove it from the list. This of course requires you letting unknown calls hit your voicemail. Try it, it took me about 2 weeks to see a noticeable difference.

  3. I just say ” pray tell me more of this wonder item ‘ put the phone on its side for 5 minutes, make a cup of tea go back pick up the phone and say ” is that right, tell me more ” put phone down, drink tea, watch TV, muck about with my Radio, pick up the phone, hour later ” Hello, are you there ” The OTHER PERSON HAS HUNG UP “

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