Today I also ran into the unknown brand KSUN. A search revealed nothing other than a company producing labeling machines, but you never know what they assemble in the basement. At first glance it’s yet another Chinese radio, but after reading the specs this one is a bit different.

The most striking feature is the high number of memory positions: 2 banks of 128 memories each. My guess is that one bank is VHF only, and the other UHF only. 10 extra memory positions are reserved for FM stations. There’s also a 8-group scrambler on board, if you care. Power output is rated at ‘equal or less’ than 7 Watts. Vague, this means it could be 500 mW as well, but it probably won’t be that bad.

The price of the radio is $65 (eBay).

Edit: appears to be the same radio as the TDXOne TD-Q8AH. First-time users aren’t very happy.




1. UHF 400-520MHZ + VHF 136-174MHZ DUAL BAND
3. ctcss/dcs can be programming
4. 2×128 memory channels
5. A/B frequency indepentant operation
6. ANI code
7. 8 groups scrambler
8. Wide / narrow banwidth selective
9. CTCSS/DCS scanning

10. DTMF encode/decode
All call, group call, selective call
Remote stun, remote kill
11. Standby/TX/RX backlight color setting

12. Built-in FM radio receiver, 10 Channels for FM Radio Storage
13. Bright flashlight illumination

14. VOX gain level 1-10
15. voice prompt and annunciation
16. Side key programming
17. Output power <=7W
18. scan function with all channels scan
19. Scan mode: Time, Carrier, Seek
20. Squelch level 0-9
21. Busy channel lockout
22. Time out time
23. Various frequency band available
24. Dual watch mode/channel mode/frequency mode
26. TOT: OFF/ 15-600S
27. Battery save function
28. Work mode A/B: VFO, MR, CH name, CH Freq
29. VFO frequency: 5k, 6.25k, 10k, 12.5k, 25k
30. Back light: OFF/
Blue, orange, purple
31. Auto keylock
32. Voice annunciation: English/ Chinese
33. Beep Tone
34. Main Watch band A or B
35. Priority channel setting (Anytime press PTT to transmit the channel)
36. Power on message
37. PTT ID type: BOT, EOT, BOTH
38. Key Assignment: ALARM, RADIO, SCAN, LAMP, OFF
39. FM radio (10 Channels for FM Radio Storage)
40. IP65 waterproof


3 comments on “KSUN KS-8R

  1. I noticed the two contacts on the battery as compared to 4 on the Baofeng.

    There’s also a display discrepancy on the top photo.
    The HT on the right has a uv5r type display.
    The one on the left doesn’t.
    The Signal Strength indicator is at the bottom of the display.

    Power output is 7W (4W in 150, 3W on 450)

    So who’s going to be the first to try one?

    John K3NXU

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