EDCgear TH-UV7R goes Sahara, Army

Now these are colors I like for an HT. In case you wondered: yes, these are relabeled UV-5R’s. Thanks to Nate once again.

TH-UV7RThe box says “Tesunho (Tesunho Electronics Co, LTD)”. The FCC ID they have on the box is the same as the single band TH-UV8R by TYT, but the Alibaba page does categorize it as a dual band radio, the specs on the sticker (back of the radio in the battery compartment) says: 136-174MHz / 400-520 MHz.

Yes, they are clones looking just like the newer version of the popular Baofeng UV-5R radios, the one without the [band] button, which indicates newer firmware. The radio features a normal style keypad, where the zero button is at the bottom row of the keypad.

The text of the seller says it is a dual band radio, with the usual 136-174MHz / 400-520 MHz (the Alibaba Tesunho page shows a 245-246MHz  /  400-520MHz version which can probably be opened for the 1.25m ham band for the Americas market).



Links: Alibaba, Seller #1, Seller #2. Prices vary between $51 and $69.

Note: If you down the page at seller #2, you’ll see a Falcon III AN/PRC-152A radio from Harris. No idea why they put it there, but I’m sure that radio is a bit more expensive. A whole lot more expensive.


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  1. Do they program with CHIRP like the UV-5R. These look AWESOME, and I’d like to get a few possibly.

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