Baofeng UV-5R Battery Deal

uv-5r-batteryMore and more purchases I do are done through AliExpress instead of eBay. I admit I didn’t trust AliExpress at first, but so far I have not really been disappointed.

The fun thing of AliExpress is that many sellers offer deals when you buy more than one item. This can be a problem, but I always manage to solve this by finding other hams who want the same item. Everybody happy.

We did this with a bunch of Baofeng UV-B5s, the $2.68 antenna and now a lot of 10 UV-5R batteries is on our radar.

$8.74 / piece is a very attractive price. I’m always a bit reluctant to stockpile Li-Ion batteries, because the shelf life of this type of battery chemistry isn’t that brilliant. It is often better to buy one when you actually need one.

As always you have to be careful when using these online marketplaces. Often the price of an item seems to be low, but high shipping costs spoil the fun. This offer includes shipping, and the seller has a good reputation. Still a few hams to find before I can pull the trigger.


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  1. Thanks. Does AliExpress have a customer service email? It’s next to impossible to find how to contact them on their web site. Any option I choose to contact them does not activate the “Email us” button.

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