Wouxuns are great.

Had a nice QSO (MP3 here) yesterday on 70cm with Chris 2E0UKH, who was walking around at the east coast of England. A Wouxun KG-UVD1P in his hands, I believe, but from the looks of it the antenna is some after market model. (Just got word it’s a Nagoya 771)


Thanks to some nice band conditions (one week in a row now) he had no trouble hitting our local repeater PI2FLD. He pulled this off a few times more; the video below  was made a few days ago when he used the Rotterdam repeater.


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  1. The recording was made using a Teamspeak server.
    One client was connected to a Philips FM1100.
    Another client was used to make the recording.
    The recorded wav file (64,4M) was converted to an 2,6M mp3 file.

  2. I know it’s exciting to make a contact like this, first time. But surely this is something just about any radio could achieve, not just Wouxuns? It would have to be deaf as a post, and put out flea power to not make a trip like that.

    • I put that in the title on purpose, because some people in my circles still say that all Chinese radios are crap 😉

  3. Nagoya NA-771 is good, I use it for my Baofeng UV-B6 and it’s better than stock antenna, I tried my friend’s NA-701 and it’s not good like what you wrote before, it’s just the same as my stock antenna. However I don’t know the Tx quality of this 771, but Rx is better

  4. hi this is chris 2e0ukh.check out my youtube channel i made a simplex contact to amsterdam from the same location. 73

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