Leixen VV-808V: goodbye

The radio started at $60. Slowly Quickly the price went up, and now one VV-808V will set you back $149. Goodbye Leixen, it was nice while it lasted. For that price we can shop at Universal Radio (and probably a lot more shops) and pay just 95 cents more for a Yaesu FT-2900.


This one? Or….


… this one? Yes, this one, no doubt about that.

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  1. Yes, I bought one for $58.00 US , a week or so, they had gone up to $85.00 US. The radio is OK for 58.00, but after owning a few now, I would NOT endorse this radio, cheap junk!!! Ron VA7 VRV.

  2. Hi, I’m new to Ham Radio, and only use Hand Helds for Marine work, I have 2, a Baofeng UV 5RA and a Cobra MR HH325, I use my car to go to Ports and Harbours to take Photos of Ships for Ship Finder on the Computer, I recently bought a Video in Car Recorder, in case of Accidents, but found at first that it was blocking my car Radio on Real Channel, which is the Local Edinburgh, Scotland Station, but I now feel that as I drive with the Video on, it is preventing me picking up VHF Statins 71-72-73 and I think 16, if I move the radio about in the car, as I get near the Window I seem to pick up some stations, ANY HELP YOU CAN GIVE ME PLEASE, from a Novice that Loves his Radios. I even used them when I skippered a 57 ft Cannal boat from Falkirk to Glasgow, I gave one to my wife on the bow so I could tell her what side we would be mooring on and how to go throught the locks. Keeping to non commercial Marine Channels, think I use 24,, but not sure.

    • The first thing I would do is complain to the manufacturer of the dash cam. The problem might be caused by the 12V adapter which is likely of the switching type.

  3. I’m still hoping that Baofeng will start making inexpensive dual-band mobile radios. I don’t understand why the various Chinese companies that produce mobiles, price themselves out of the market. I’d love to have a dual-band mobile without breaking my wallet.

  4. Leixen really knows how to push customers away. When they were at $60 I considered buying one but wanted to wait until I heard what other users thought about them. By then, they were up to $80. I still wanted one but never got around to actually buying one and wound up buying a 15watt UHF amplifier for $25 instead. Now I can just use any of my UHF walkie-talkies with it and have more power than the VV-808.

    Leixen can keep their overpriced crap.

  5. I could be wrong but my understanding is that many of the HTs are classified as Toys so the shipping and taxes are minimal.
    Hard to disguise a Mobile Rig as a toy.

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