Baofeng UV-82 Additional Notes

This is a short list of findings after playing with the radio for a longer period of time.

  • Some owners / sellers reported that the Baofeng UV-82 has a more sensitive receiver when compared to the Baofeng UV-5R. Technically that is not correct, but they aren’t lying either. The reason for the better reception is the antenna. The UV-82 stock antenna is technically identical to the one delivered with the UV-B5. If I swap antennas, the UV-5R shines and the UV-82 appears to be inferior.
  • Battery life can’t match that of the UV-5R. The main reason is that the UV-82 delivers more than 1 extra Watt of RF output. Something has to give.
  • Charging times are still erratic. I received a new charger, but that one isn’t very reliable either. Still looking into this.