The $3.79 antenna = $2.68 antenna

268-antennaWhile the performance of this antenna is slightly less than the UV-B5 antenna, it’s still a very good deal – especially for UV-5R owners who still use the original (short) antenna.

If you buy 10 at once, the price dropped to an all-time low: $2.68. Find friends who want one too!

Seller’s reputation is 100%. How on earth can a company produce these for such a price? There must be something I don’t understand about economics.

8 comments on “The $3.79 antenna = $2.68 antenna

  1. cut it open, its just an overmold on a piece of wire with SMA connector. Costs less to make than IEC cable due to less copper inside.

    • Yes, you are right, but the factory profits from the sale, the seller does too, and it’s sent around the globe. Still dazzles me.

  2. tks bro ….. for instant response …. cheers ….
    anyway , i am now using 2 x UV-3R+ , really like its size , but dont know how if compared to uv-b5 …
    i tried to homebrew UHF collinear , but not having the SWR meter , so cant really measure the performance .
    now , i am building my UHF repeater with 2 walkie talkie , i only use FRS channels , just for fun anyway ….
    intending to buy another (greater) 2 baofeng to substitute my repeater …

  3. in fact , i am looking at 2 x UV-5R (which reach 520mhz) OR BF-888S to substitute my repeater units ,,,,, on a budget …. what is your opinion ?
    cheers …

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