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  1. is this model has got any audio output jack plug ? I can not find any information about that on any of these models. thank you ?

    • Well… just time to unpack it and plug in on my powersupply…

      On segment is dead on the SUB band…
      As for BJ-9900, volume cannot be turned all the way off on either the MAIN or SUB band, even with SQL on, there is still noise…….

      USB progam cable has been send to another packet I still haven’t receive… NO manual in the box but I get one from the web…

      Well, at this point, deception is the word I got because if it is a purely clone of BJ-9900, so I will find that AIR band receive only FM when in the specification it is clearly AM…. we’ll see when I get more time

      • Correction: when the SQL is on, there is no extra sound noise, but yes volume at zero and SQL open, there is still sound… Just starting exploring this toy, I will give more information after.

      • So after 48 hours, I’ve made my first QSO in simplex with a friend who was in mobile. No problem at all, modulation is ok and reception good.
        I confirm that this clone has no problem with Aviation band. the RX is AM.
        I confirm the problem of audio even when volume are full left to zero. Audio is still here and enough to understand if one is listening with attention.
        Reception is good, no problem to understand people, without need to level up volume very much.
        Enter frequencies in memory are easy manually, the doc is ok.
        Today I received the last part wich is the USB progammation cable, the programming software on CD and the paper manuel.

        With audio still here even at zero, the second little thing I found is that a segment in the SUB display doesn’t display at start but after a few minutes, it is ok.

        Well, that’s all for now about this radio. So far I am happy with it.

  2. I am now an owner of PR-UV8900, using it as a base station (with a switching power supply). I got it on ebay at a ridiculous price , 165 euro at auction, though usual price at ebay is around 280-300 (i think). So far very happy with it, the only thing that I hate is that power on LOW setting is still too high, around 15 Watts, so no QRP, but I can leave with that. Will get an attenuator in the future probably… Power on HIGH is 40-45 Watts (measured with a Diamond SX-400), although I have seen even 50 Watts using a dummy load, on some VHF frequencies.

    RX audio indeed is still there even at minimum volume setting, but that actually is good for me, so I don’t forget the radio on when leaving home.

    TX and RX audio are good. Actually, a friend radio amateur who has the FT-8800 said he liked how my PR-UV8900 sounds on air better than his FT-8800 (!) and asked me to try my mic on his machine! Not sure if that is possible, but we may give it a try.

    Programming and backup of memory is easy using a Windows application (although installing it can be a pain, since registration of two components had to be done manually and you need to already have USB to serial driver installed).

    I even created a group for PR-UV8900 and BJ-9900 on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1384351568453832/) so owners and people interested can exchange information or sell used ones. Feel free to join.

    Just hope that long-term there won’t be any trouble, we’ll wait and see…

  3. Hello Folks, I have problem with my UV-8900. The VHF became deaf ! Let me explain. For exemple, if main vfo is on an vhf relay I can open it but when the radio is back on rx, I didn’t hear anything. So I made a test, putting the same freq on both vfo and so, I heard the relay open on the second vfo when the main is totally deaf. Switched main vfo from vfo 1 to vfo 2 and the problem is on the other vfo.
    On UHF I haven’t this problem and I can receive Aero AM without any problem.
    Made a RESET but no change …. don’t know what is the problem …. any clue ? tnx in advance

  4. I bought a Zastron MP900 and cannot program it from my computer. Anyone have the correct info to do this. I have a manual, but no programming info. I have a cable, but getr errors. Radio works good when programmed manually.

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