Baojie BJ-9900 Unboxed

In the box:

  • The radio itself
  • Mounting bracket
  • DTMF Microphone
  • Power cable
  • Microphone holder
  • Separation kit
  • Programming cable
  • Manual

Software not included, but can be downloaded for free from the Baojie website.


The definitive price for this radio is $266.00 if you buy directly from the manufacturer. Because everyone compares this radio to the Yaesu FT-8800R here’s a price comparison:

FT-8800R: $460, separation kit: $60, software + USB cable: $49. Total: $569. These are street prices, not list prices. Temporary rebates not included.


21 comments on “Baojie BJ-9900 Unboxed

  1. Nice Hans ! cant wait to see some review/testing !

    and my guess is 9900 version 4 or so is best hi!

  2. Hey! Did you get the programing cable with the 9900??? I did not, and have been looking around for it. Could not find it on the net. Please explain. Thanks for the link to software.

      • Hello Hans
        I had a lot of trouble with my own radio (couldn’t transmit on any frequency, got an error message) i was also unable to find a driver that will work with my Windows 7-64 bits for the cable.
        I’ve returned the radio to the seller and ordered another one from another shop, but i still want to solve the cable issue. any idea?
        Izzy 4X1UF

  3. NO, NOT THE MIC CONNECTOR! It uses the connector into the main-rig, behind the frontpanel. Btw, I struggled a lot to get the USB-serial cable to work. Has to use 32-bit Windows. For the program to work I had to use old computer with XP. The chinamen are living in the past. Ack.!

    • No idea, sorry. All I know is that the radio uses the microphone connector for programming, just like the BJ-UV55 (which I never had in my hands).

  4. Hi,, I have received mine today (i bought the cable separately) however the cable doesn’t wotk with my Windows 7 64 bit. any idea? Izzy

  5. I just got one of these, a few things I found. Mine did not come with the cable, which I ordered off ebay. On a win7 64 bit system you HAVE to use the old driver that comes with the cable, if you use the one that windows recommends it will not work. Also, the password on the software is admin (had to root around to find that one). The software is terrible, I’m hoping Chirp will add this model. No cut and paste, no importing and you have to manually enter every frequency on both sides of the radio.

    I just installed this into my offroad rig, so I’ll be abusing this for awhile and report back if there are any grand failures. The one thing I did encounter is I have this sharing a power feed with a stereo amplifer, I had to power off the amp because otherwise when I keyed up all that was transmitted with noise, both over the air and through the stereo speakers. Dunno if this is the transceivers fault or mine. This is my first mobile rig.

  6. Does anyone know if this radio output power can be adjusted? I want to use it for a local rf link but need it to output 5 watts. by the way I made the mistake of using mic socket to program radio with no luck. plug lead into main radio

    • I was also able to program it using Windows 8.1 64bit. you just got to find the right driver. the cd driver didnt work for me.

      • Hi lee, Just got a 9900 and having trouble with the software and came across your comments. Did you find a driver that works, I am using windows 8.1 64 bit. Wouls appreciate any help I can get. many thanks Howard

  7. Lee

    You can turn down the power, but one thing I noticed is once you program the channel, you can not adjust the power on that channel, or a few other things. This has been very frustrating for me, especially since when at full power it interfere’s with my stereo amplifier (makes a horrible pop noise through the stereo speakers and nothing but garbage is transmitted.). I’m sure it has something to do with my 1/2 wave 19″ whip antenna mounted in the middle of my exo skeleton (roll cage on the outside of the truck) and SWR not being happy. That being said, when transmitting at “low” power it does not do this nearly as badly and considering I can hit our local repeater reliably with a UV-5R and the 3 dollar antenna, 50 watts isnt needed.

    Another annoying thing I have encountered is the squelch knobs turn with the volume, so to adjust either you have to use both hands and hold the other in place. Maybe the software they just released is better, but the older software was crap to put it lightly. Combine with not being able to adjust the power, I would not recommend this radio given all the other options that are out there.

  8. Yes I noticed that about the volume squelch knob too :-0
    I have it in low power minimum is 20watts

    i was going to use it for a local RF Echolink Gateway but cannot, seems the socket at the back does not work!! hmmmm

    thanks for your comments

  9. i managed to pick up a yaesu FT1500m for my local rf link, this does 5 watts, and also have a power output reducer in line, to make it in line with its licensing conditions

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