7 comments on “More Baojie BJ-9900 Pictures

  1. A striking resemblance is a nice way of putting it 🙂

    I would lean more towards ‘ripoff’ 🙂 Same way the Baofeng UV-3R was more than just inspired on another Yaesu product 🙂

    Too bad really, if you look at the manufacturers that put some effort into the design (such as TYT) as opposed to just copying something you end up with a much nicer radio. My TYT UV-3R is so much better than the Baofeng model, even though many parts are the same, that extra bit of attention to the design, menus etc makes a world of difference.

    • Their BJ-UV55 has a unique design. On the bright side: the rig will probably be easy to operate, just because they didn’t try to re-invent the wheel.

  2. What we really need most now is a Baojie version of the FT8900 quad bander
    for less than half of Yaesu’s price. We can always hope that it would match the
    qualities for a much cheaper price, but that remains to be seen !!!!!

  3. TYT is developing one (TYT TH-9800), so is Wouxun (KG-UV950P). The TYT was announced a long time ago, but nothing materialized so far. I hope that Wouxun learned from pas mistakes, and didn’t announce something that will be years away.

    I didn’t ask the guys from Baojie about their future plans yet.

  4. Hans, if you are already corresponding with Baojie, can you ask them if they can make a version that will drop the broadcast FM chip, and instead enable two more bands?

    I suggest the following ranges:
    Band 1. 50.000-72.000MHz
    Band 2. 136.000-174.000MHz
    Band 3. 219.000-249.000MHz
    Band 4. 400.000-480.000MHz

    This way each ITU region has at-least 3 useful bands, Europe will have the extra use of the 4m band (top of Band 1), and the Americas, will enjoy band 3.

    This way they could compete with the Quad Bander made by TYT, the TH-9800.


  5. Looks nice , but price is still way to high. I still would go for a yaesu or motorola.gm

    If those hong kong people made a dualbander 2/70 with a mini din data port and N connector for under 190 dollar than it would be a great seller in use with a dvrptr board .

  6. GI4YPS
    I have just bought the yeasu ft 8900 and it is a very great quad band radio I also bought the diamond quad band aerial for it. the radio was so easy to set up either through the manual instructions or via the programing software. but I do intend to buy the BJ 9000. it will do all I want mobile reason being I will use the yeasu more as a home base simply because of the coverage and the bj9000 for local mobile but when going long trips I will use the yeasu both radios are just ideal for comfort of use if the Baoji could duplicate the ft8900 at the right price that would be my choice for mobile use so get working on it and I think quite a lot of armatures would got down the same route

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