Baofeng UV-82 Battery Controversy

This starts to become an interesting question: what is the capacity of the Baofeng UV-82 battery?

My review sample, which is on its way, is supposedly equipped with an 1800mAh battery. The Baofeng UV-82 batteries sold by Radio-Mart show a sticker stating 2800mAh. To add to the confusion both batteries share the same model number (BL-8), which doesn’t make sense to me.

1000mAh is a substantial difference in capacity. This means that they can’t be the same size or weight. Something has to give. We won’t know for sure until DHL drops the radio on my doorstep. If there are owners of the 2800mAh version willing to measure and weigh them (preferably in mm and grams), I’d appreciate it.


On Aliexpress and eBay: 1800mAh


Radio-Mart version: 2800mAh

13 comments on “Baofeng UV-82 Battery Controversy

  1. They “look” like they could be 2800 mah, but who knows until you get the rig in hand. It may just be the pictures but the radio does look a bit bigger than the 5r and b5.

    Which vendor did you buy from?

    • Got the word that mine will have the 2800mAh capacity/sticker too. That spoils my plans for a weight comparison. Darn.

  2. I weighed them with a postal scale.
    UV5R 1800mAh 2.8 oz
    UV5R 3600mAh 5.6 oz
    UV82 2800mAH 3.1 oz

    The 10 percent weight difference could indicate the battery is between 1800/2000 mAH. That’s still plenty battery for my use.

    John K3NXU

  3. I live in china. i see these all over the place. the UV-82 Baofeng batteries that I buy are direct from Baofeng and are 1800 ma. Breaking the battery pack open (that’s what you do when they cost just $10 USD each) the cells are clearly 1800 mA Li Ion cells….). I fully suspect the 2800 mA batteries are just misprinted/mismarked. Interesting radio. I like the dual PTT switch on it — it’s handy when using multiple bands / dual receive. Great deal for the price.

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