Time on your hands? Build a BitX20.

Once upon a time in the West, there was a ham building everything himself. It was me. Now, many decades later, all I do is repairs. Only little gadgets, such as a remote controlled timer for a repeater, are designed and built here. That’s about it.

Since this morning I’m keeping an eye on the blog of Edwin PA1ED. Just like Alex PA1SBM, he’s involved up to his ears in the BitX20 project. When I read their blogs, all that BitX20 building sometimes seems a bit of a masochistic way to kill time.

One thing is for sure, they are probably better at it than I am. I just got old and rusty. Darn.


Edwin’s BitX20 Project. Note the salvaged CB radio parts.

It’s time for me to do something similar, but can’t make up my mind yet. One of the candidates is the Youkits TJ2B. Seems like fun, and we have a Dutch distributor.

youkits TJ2B


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