More Leixen VV-808: Programming Software

While I’m taking it easy and stick to looking into hand helds, Brick ordered one of those $70 (oops, now $80) radios and looked into the programming software (here, here and here). Compared to other software we know from Chinese radios, this software appears to be free of funny English. Lots of options too. I like TX Inhibit, which will allow you to listen in to out-of-band traffic without the risk of accidental transmissions.


I’m still in the dark when it comes to RX and TX qualities, but I guess it won’t take long before someone takes the time to torture one of these in a lab.


5 comments on “More Leixen VV-808: Programming Software

  1. Obviously you guessed right about the VV-808. 🙂

    I took some pictures, but they turned out so bad, I went with the software posts last night. I don’t have the equipment to do any real analysis on TX or RX. I might see if we can check for spurious transmissions at my father-in-law’s since a) he has the equipment and b) about 50 more years experience at this sort of thing.

  2. Have not got a spectrum analyser to torture mine, but I am receiving good reports! Its certainly not deaf either, I can hear just as much as my Yaesu FT-7800 does, I suppose if I had the time I could hook it up to my Marconi TF2015 and measure its front end performance. But for the time being, I will rate the little Leixen at 7/10, its got to be quite a good buy, and makes a change from buying another HT. I only wished I was 14 again, how much you can now have a fully fledged station without breaking the bank of parents including a decent Baofeng Handheld thrown in for portable operation alongside, all for less that a Hundred Sterling Pounds.($150)

  3. I wonder what made the price go up to $80. With $15 shipping it’s not nearly as good of a deal as it was when it first came out. I think I’ll wait a while for the prices to drop or something more powerful to come out.

    It’s a neat looking rig but IMO the price should be $70 with free shipping. We know it doesn’t cost them much at all to manufacture these.

    • I agree. The price hike might be caused by all the attention on the WWW, making sellers think they can squeeze out some more profit. What they don’t realize is that there’s a fine line between ‘interesting’ and ‘forget about it’.

  4. Please, can someone tell me how to connect up my VV-808 to my computer? I have ordered a cable but there seems to be no port on the radio to connect to. Also, where do I get the software from?

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