HBO Go. Nowhere.

While this is a wireless topic of sorts, it’s not related to ham radio. Due to poor content and even poorer customer support, I changed my TV subscription to just a few basic channels by switching to Digitenne. Content is still poor, but at least I don’t pay as much for it. The only channels I once liked to watch were Discovery, Animal Planet and National Geographic. Once known for premium content, these channels are now the laughing stock of the century.

Discovery should be renamed to “Soap Opera Channel”, featuring families doing something (fishing, building gay motorcycles, digging for gold, whatever). As a bonus, the beeps signaling the use of the 4-letter ‘F’-word are more prominent than in the most violent movie.

Animal Planet is gone and replaced by TLC. The target audience is a vague, brainless species in the ‘Honey Boo Boo’ category. We now deleted the channel from the TV memory in case it’s contagious.

National Geographic still offers one or two interesting scientific programs occasionally, but here the erosion can’t be missed either. Big, bigger, biggest, mega, super blah blah about factories and buildings. It quickly bores one to death.

It seems that “The smarter the phones, the dumber the people” is really true, and that content providers adapt accordingly.

hbo-goOne of the ideas was to go for an “HBO Go” subscription. That won’t teach you anything either, but at least you can watch the latest series on whatever device you have. So I thought. I quickly found out that you need to be a customer of certain cable providers before you can subscribe – something I don’t want anymore.

It seems HBO Go is impossible for now; we’ll have to wait until the movie industry catches up with modern technologies and distribution methods. That’ll be a long wait.. Or, maybe we should share a subscription with the neighbors. Probably not legal, but catch me if you can, suckers!


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  1. I have stopped watching TV almost completely. Discovery channel, I used to watch it but that was 7 years ago or so. DC is for me too much cars, NG is too much “dog whisperer”.

    Personally, I don’t like digitenne because it’s too sensitive for almost anything.

  2. Only subscribe to anything free! We have a channel called Quest, on the Freeview platform (stuff that comes down your aerial for nowt!) that has a similar flavour: How things are made, Go fishing, extreme engineering etc. infact I think its owned by the Discovery channel but doesn’t cost us a penny!

    73 G1KQH

  3. There is an upside to it all though. We have always had only free to air tv, so when Travelling for work, I used to stay up far too late watching discovery etc. now i have no such problems, as pay tv no longer appears to offer anything of interest.

  4. Funny, I thought I was the only one that stopped watching tv. Besides a few good documentaries on the dutch public stations (watch for free on inet) the tv remains off in our house. And what do you think? Never missed it and plenty of time for housekeeping, bookkeeping and playing with my son! 🙂

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