Giving up on the Yahoo UV-5R Group

It was fun. It was great at times. After being confronted with the same questions over and over again on a daily basis I decided to pull the plug. It’s not that I don’t sympathize with new users asking about programming issues over and over again, but about the fact that one simple Google search would have given them all the answers – and more. Some people are just plain lazy.



8 comments on “Giving up on the Yahoo UV-5R Group

  1. I will take one for the team and keep an eye on it for everyone. At least for a while…

    I’ll let you know when they release the digital UV-5RX^3+Plus triple band/D-Star full legal limit version which includes a magical programming cable that always works.


  2. After you gave me or everyone advise on using the net to get the channels, I now have mine up and running great, I also have a MarineCobra MRHH325, I copied all the Channels onto my iPad and Blacberry Playbook as e-book, so just look up the channel I need for UHF, VHF and away I go, still get e-mails from your site, to see what else you come up with. Thanks, and come on all you new Starts, get like us 2 Week Pro’s, use you computer, lol

  3. I left a while ago. But if you guys all left, then that leaves the blind leading the blind, which could be entertaining.

    Oh, I forgot, Brick is still there taking care of it all 🙂

  4. Dag Hans, ik had mij enkele weken geleden daar ook al uitgelogd. Ik heb nog wel de B5 en de UV3 en krijg zo af en toe ook mail over deze radio’s. 74 Ben.

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