Chicom CH-UVQ9 – 145/220 MHz

Seen on the UV-5R group: a Chicom handheld for sale on eBay doing 2 meters and 1.25 meters (220MHz band).


The official Chicom website does mention the CH-UVQ9, but only in the usual VHF/UHF configuration. When looking at the radios on offer, I recognize all kinds of models known to us under other names. The CH-UVQ9 for example resembles Puxing to the last detail.

This radio is something for my American friends to look into – 220 MHz isn’t a ham radio band here.


2 comments on “Chicom CH-UVQ9 – 145/220 MHz

  1. My Yaesu VX-7r does 220 but only at 300mW output. Has to do with spectral purity of the power amp on the radio. However for real 220 use I picked up the KST V6 for $50. Nice little radio – gotta do some modifications to it though. First a cap across the audio to block the clicks, and perhaps a backlight on the keypad.

  2. Very good radio for 220mhz , lots of compliments on my signal . Measured rcv sensitivity .25 uv. Very loud audio , much louder than TYT & Baofeng. Long battery life .

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