Leixen VV-808: first impressions online

This new and dirt cheap mobile transceiver is causing quite a buzz: a 10 Watt VHF or UHF mobile for around $70 almost sounds too good to be true. Most – if not all – information about this transceiver has been collected by Brick ‘O Lore, and his last post mentions the first impressions of an early adopter. It doesn’t look bad at all.


For now I don’t have any intentions to pick up one or two, but that might change. I hope someone will look at things like sensitivity, front end quality and spectral purity soon.

A look at Leixen at DHGate.com shows a lot more models from this company. Some of these models are well-known and available with other brand names attached to them. You almost can’t miss the Baofeng BF-666S/777S/888S for example. It makes one wonder if Leixen carries any original designs at all.

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  2. Many of these Chinese companies seem to share a lot of common ground in their designs and manufacture. Prehaps thats a good thing, especially in marketing and price. You think your buying something different but the basis is all the same throughout. It never worked with Ford and Volvo or BMW & Rover but the Chinese know their own game and of course labour is peanuts!

    73 G1KQH

    • I think many designs leave the factory without a brand name at all. It’s up to the buyers to make their ‘brand’ popular.

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  4. High Hans, just a quick, somewhat related question, have you seen/used/reviewed any Dual Band Mobile radios that have higher that 75watt output (without an amp). the Yaesu 2900 is a single bander with 75w, but I have been looking for a dual band with 75 or greater, any thoughts?

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