New for 2013: Yaesu FTdx-1200

  • The new FTdx-1200 delivers 100W on HF and 50MHz.
  • Up-conversion type 1st IF 40,455MHz.
  • 4.3 in TFT full color display like FTdx-3000.
  • Optional SCU-17 USB Interface Unit.
  • The SCU-17 USB Interface supports CAT, USB Audio in/out, TX control (PTT, Key, Shift) and Firmware update functions. (*)
  • Optional FFT Unit adds other features.
  • List Price: $2400.00

(*) So we have to buy a $220 interface if we want to update the firmware?


FTdx-1200 LCD


Yaesu FTdx-1200 Back Panel


Yaesu FTdx-1200 Specifications. Click for larger image.

Download FTDX-1200 Brochure (PDF)

13 comments on “New for 2013: Yaesu FTdx-1200

  1. Could be the replacement for the 950 as that seems to be on offer at the moment? As with all these new radios launched lately screens are in, meters and displays are out!

    73 G1KQH

  2. I have compared the specs from ‘ye old FT-950’ and this ‘new’ rig.
    There are minor differences, like 0.04 microVolts sensitivity and
    some differences are even to the advantage of ‘ye old FT-950’.
    The back panel is identical, but lacks the DMU connector ( makes sense ).
    The front panel is very different, but since the front panel is only connected to the body of the radio by flat cables ( no mechanicals, whatsoever ), I wouldn’t be at all surprised that it’s the same radio with a (very little ) twist.

  3. A 2k years transceiver without an USB port? I don’t understand what yaesu engineers thinking of…

    • Someone said to me, “It’s like Yaesu doesn’t want to sell radios!” and now I understand why…

  4. I don’t know. I am not old. I’m 38. But when I see the new stuff around, yeasu or kenwood (and yes I am a kenwood fan) I realy see these new sets as a damn pc which can produce airwaves. Oh how I love the old rigs 🙂

  5. I agree Alex! I have an FT-950 but I will quicker buy an FT-990 (old rig) next to this one, than an FTdx-1200 (new rig)!
    I also like the older rigs more!

  6. I still prefer my 0ld ft 757 to the modern day radios, but i do like the ftdx 3000
    73 M6 AKC

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  8. Pretty nifty looking rig. I don’t seem to be able to find the real manual online yet, just the 8-page brochure. Anyone know how many memories this puppy has and how they are arraigned? I see a lot of web speculation about the bandscope. Y says “realtime”, I’m sure there’s at least some delay – but cool feature if it works as shown. Anyone know – do you have to repeatedly press a button to get a sweep or does it just keep sweeping on it’s own? My main application for it would be as an SWL receiver so I’m a little concerned about the specs applying to the ham bands only. Seems like the DSP and “filter” function would rock the clock on the shortwave broadcast bands, but who knows? Happy Scanning! – Ted

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