Diagnosed with OTD

p187s_z13_man_shooting_bow_and_arrowI’ve been diagnosed with OTD (Obsolete Technology Disorder). OTD is something typically found in men over 50 years of age. No known cures to date. After hiding my condition for years and years, I decided to open up to you all.

  1. I still use transceivers with tubes.
  2. I still own a cassette walkman
  3. I still own a cassette deck
  4. I still own vinyl records and a turntable
  5. I still own VHS tapes (and play them now and then)
  6. I still play CD‘s (this is what bothers me the most)
  7. I still own a Tandy TRS-80 Model 100 and a Casio FP-200
  8. I still have Borland Reflex running on a home-made 10MHz XT clone (NEC V20 processor, 30MB RLL hard disk)
  9. I still shoot film on a Yashica MAT-124G
  10. I still read paper magazines.

Have a great weekend!

7 comments on “Diagnosed with OTD

  1. They would have you believe Ipods are better than CDs, I still prefere the latter, nice hard copy yours forever!
    Its also easier to record and retrieve quickly to and from a Tape than mess around through umpteen menus on a digital Mp3 recorder. So the first six on the list I still have too and I prefere paper mags and books over the electronic versions anyday.

    It must be the age?



    G1KQH (Now 50 too!)

    • Ehhh.. cd’s are in no way a hard copy forever..
      I have allot of burned disks that are not playing( or not reading in PC) after -sometimes- only 1 year old …
      The normal “pressed” audio cdees -made in 1985- from shop still does works ok though..! 🙂

      I guess static memory (like usb stick/ssd ‘s ) is the best option uptill now..

      And for Hans … yep! i do also use points mentioned under 3,4,5 6, 10 hi!
      (its better to have old analogue audio tape with some noise than a digital recording on cd that wont play ! 🙂


      Ron..(just a Dutch SWL..)

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