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Not sure how I missed this one, lots of good reading material (link: KA7OEI). I also noticed that he – like me – still owns a functional Tandy TRS-80 Model 100. Brings back memories, and a lot of them. I used that one to write articles on planes. While other journalist’s laptops were out of juice after an hour or so, the Tandy kept going. And if id didn’t, a few spare AA cells were all to you needed to work another 10 hours or so.

Tandy model 100


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  1. I had a Model 100 also. I sold mine and “traded up” to a Model 200, that I still own. I also had a Data General One. I still remember PC Magazine’s description of the DG1’S screen – like reading a newspaper underwater.

  2. Wauw that brings back memories indeed. I owned a NEC PC-8201 computer (simulair to the model 100) and used it for report typing when traveling. Always able to buy some power when needed.

      • The internals of the NEC PC-8201 where the same as the model 100, the outside had some design differences. The beauty of these machine are that they run for ages on just a few penlites and have a real keyboard you can type blind on. Try that on a modern tablet 😀

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