Rust In Pieces

This is not the first time I’m writing about the Nagoya NA-773. I had a few review samples here and concluded that these antennas were a danger to the health of any HT. The SWR isn’t good anywhere in the spectrum; most (if not all) energy is reflected back into the radio. I decided to put this antenna on my “Best & Worst of 2012” list.


By chance I got a TYT radio on my repair bench, equipped with that same dreaded Nagoya NA-773. It didn’t take long to conclude that this radio was beyond repair. The PCB was completely toasted on both sides, exactly at the location of the PA module.



I’ll salvage a few parts, the rest – including the Nagoya NA-773 – will end up in the trash.


6 comments on “Rust In Pieces

  1. I suggest to try and ‘salvage’ the intended parts but not in a savage way. We’re
    not savages, no matter what other people say. 🙂

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  3. Don´t trash the antenna, it makes a handy pointer for presentations!
    Thanks for the warning though… I have several colleagues that swear BY this antenna, soon they will swear AT it.

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