Good Old Days



I built this Medium Wave radio once as a kid. Credits: Piet Blaas


2 comments on “Good Old Days

  1. I have to look after my first MW transmitter who probably still is somewhere in the farm where I was born. Looks a bit like this one but more simple with a closet rol in it (as coil) and a wooden case. Max. distance I can remember was about 5 KM with always the song Paranoid of Black Sabbath on a tape recorder: .

  2. Wow……..this was one of my first homemade receivers. This one was from Amroh !
    I remember that I bought it by Radio Twente in The Haque. Cost me 1 day by train and a lot of money.
    When I see this picture all memories come back. The good old days hi.
    Never expected that a picture can gave so much emotion.
    73 Hans, PE1BVQ

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