Saying “Goodbye”

m3tucM3TUC, aka Mr. Tucker, is one of the few stations I was actively searching for on 40 meters. Always great contacts, always funny, always looking at the bright side of life. Never a ‘5/9 Hi Bye’ QSO – we talked about everything, from family to his dog.

I didn’t hear him for a while, which worried me. I got in contact with Pierre PD4JP, another Dutch station who frequently talked with him. Only then I found out that he was ill. Very ill to be precise, and we don’t know how much time he has left.

Such news brought back memories. In an attempt to annoy him, I always asked about Bruno (his German shepherd) first, before asking about himself. He always sensed that, and did his best to sound offended.

One of his wishes was to meet all his Dutch ham radio friends on 40 meters once more, something Chris M6CCX arranged today. Unfortunately his condition didn’t allow him to talk back to us. This time I made an exception to my standard “How’s Bruno?” question and I asked about himself first… All of his Dutch friends were present on 7.077MHz, wishing him all the best and saying goodbye to him, probably for the last time.

Hereby I want to thank Chris M6CCX and Pierre PD4JP for organizing this special meeting, and the following stations for being present:


Thanks Mr. Tucker, until we meet again.


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  1. Hi this is tuckers granddaughter , we did have the radio on for tucker but there was no skip ! He said .

    Thank you all very much you brought a lovely big smile to my grandads face just knowing you we’re thinking off him ,he would of loved to of heard you all.
    A big 73 god blees to all his radio friends.

    • Hi Belinda.
      Your granddad was a real great guy and a dear friend to me and I do miss him.
      Take care of Jean, she is a special lady to.

      Chris M6CCX.

  2. I have not spend many time with the hobby for about a year and just found out that Tuc passed away, Thanks Tuc for many good QSO’s! RIP my friend! Kees PE2KM

  3. I would like to thank all Tucks Dutch friends for their kind wishes and I can say from the bottom of my heart how Tuck loved to talk to you all.
    I am in regular contact with Jean his XYL she is ok and always sends her best to all his ham palls, lets not forget him guys it will soon be one year since Tuc passed perhaps we can have some sort of get together on May 5th.
    I sure do miss him he was a special guy

    Many thanks Chris M6CCX

  4. Hi all.
    Just over a year has passed since M3TUC left us, I am still in regular contact with Jean his XYL and she is ok and wishes to pass her regards to all his radio palls around the world.
    So lets never forget old Tuck lads one of the best operators I have ever had the pleasure of a QSO with, a real credit to the hobby and sadly no longer with us.

    Regards all.
    Chris M6CCX.

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