Disturbing UV-5R rumors

We did quite a few measurements on earlier models (BFB231, BFB239) of the Baofeng UV-5R. These radios did a fine job. According to the measurements of other operators, more recent models appear to be less perfect. Unfortunately I don’t own one of these newer versions, but I’ll try to borrow one. Did anyone else measure one recently and care to comment on this?

Measurements by PA3HMP


5 comments on “Disturbing UV-5R rumors

  1. I recently measured two UV-5Rs for harmonic distortion. One had a second harmonic at -51.6 dBc and the other had a fourth harmonic at -39.7 dBc. The versions are BFB231 and BFB251 (in that order, I think, but I might have them reversed.)

  2. There’s bound to be some defective units in any mass production run, right? So judging a model based on problems in a couple units is silly.

  3. Howard,
    Maybe. But when I check Yaesu radios (and I’ve tested many of them), they are well within spec, plenty of margin and consistently good. The Baofengs, not so much.


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