Where did the TYT TH-9800 go?

Until now it went the way of Wouxun. Remember the time line of the KG-UV920R? Years and years went by before the rig finally materialized, specifications vaporized, price went up dramatically, and it couldn’t even impress at first.  Even KightRadio doesn’t update their info about the TYT anymore. the screen shot below dates back to 2012.


I’m still doing my best to get hold of one, but I might just decide to forget about it.  The idea of a cheap FT-8900R clone seems appealing though, that’s for sure. Let’s look at the pics and specs again.

TH-9800TYT TH-9800-specs


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  1. I ordered one of these from knightradio hopefully it lives up to the 8900r i have already will be a good comparison.


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