Demo RF Test Lab

Yesterday evening Tom PA2TSL and me organized a demo of RF test lab equipment, hosted by VRZA Flevoland. Equipment included the most accurate available to us in the field of frequency counters, RF power meters, function generators, digital storage oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers.

We demonstrated the good, the bad, and the ugly in the field of Chinese HTs and we showed the shape of an adjustable band-pass filter with the built-in tracking generator of the Rigol DSA-815TG. After a bit of theory and a few demos visitors were given the opportunity to do measurements on their own transceivers.


Mini Lab setup


PA2TSL explaining spectrum analysis


My turn to explain a bit of theory on reciprocal mixing


Other, smaller test equipment

testing testing

Testing, testing…

A successful evening for sure, it was fun to share all of this. The only drawback for Tom and me was having to pack everything up twice. There’s always something to complain about.