“These aren’t the Androids you’re looking for”

ObiWanNot long ago I downgraded my phone. I still think it was the best decision ever, when taking the specific function of that phone into account. The Acer smartphone I owned before had a terrible battery life. which made it unreliable. The Windows OS made it even more unreliable and painfully slow. When my mother fell ill, I really needed a phone capable of being standby for days or weeks in a row without constant recharging. The Nokia 100 does exactly that. Brilliant.

Yet I missed checking mail while on the road, amongst other things. How about two phones and an extra SIM card? Being a fan of Android, I started to look around. I don’t like small screens, so everything under 4.7 inch was skipped. Small screens are hard to read and hard to type on. Surfing the WWW isn’t comfortable either.

Almost automatically you end up looking at Samsung Galaxy models. When I saw the prices though, a slightly modified Star Wars line popped up in my head: “These aren’t the Androids you’re looking for. Move along.”

Made In China – a risky decision
In the end I ordered a Chinese Samsung look-a-like for under $99 found on eBay. Maybe it will prove to be the biggest mistake ever, I don’t know. I did look for reviews before ordering though. There are quite a lot of them and to my surprise most were favorable. Sure, specifications lag behind on almost all counts when compared to a Samsung, but other than that no major problems were reported.

Even Google’s Play Store is officially supported, something many earlier Chinese Android phones lacked. The phone will take a while to arrive, especially with the Chinese New Year celebrations in sight. I’ll keep you informed (if anyone cares, after all this is a ham radio blog.)





8 comments on ““These aren’t the Androids you’re looking for”

      • iphone 5, its the biggest screen in an iphone.. possible a bigger screen coming in the new iphone later this year but with retina display and the graphics you dont really need a huge phone… if you do theres the ipad mini you could use a calling app on lol

  1. Hi Hans,

    price sounds not realistic for chinese ebay devices.
    With dual sim, 3g and g-sensor / p-sensor they are selling for round about 150 usd from factory.
    Seems to be fake in this price-range…
    But would be realy interesting to see, what you get in real…

    Best regards from snowy Hamburg

    • I know it’s risky… let’s see what eventually arrives. If it’s junk, I’ll inform eBay and ask my money back from PayPal.

  2. Seems a nice deal with many features, but what’s the transport rate, and which service was used ? UPS DHL etc ? and…… once you have troubles with your security question(s) at Paypal, you’re out of Paypal 😦

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