Death By Dog

My name is Baofeng BF-666S. I died a few days ago. It wasn’t my fault. My owner, an RF-infected Dutchman, carries me around in the most unimaginable conditions. Rain or cold, snow or blistering heat, he will take me with him when he takes his dogs to the park. I hate those rude animals.

No Respect
Dogs have no respect for Chinese technology. My antenna is bent a little, my skin is scratched, and dogs are to blame. They become even more dangerous when it snows. The lower the temperature and the more snow, the crazier they get.

To make matters worse: my owner doesn’t respect me either. The only reason he picks me for these daily walks is because I’m dirt cheap and expendable.


According to my owner my untimely death was not caused by his dogs, but by the low temperatures outside. Yeah right. My creator promised that I could function from -20 degrees C to +60 degrees C. It’s written down in the manual, you know, so it must be true. Switching from room temperature to -10C and back however killed some of my (apparently weak) solder joints inside.

I’m alive again, thanks to a healthy portion of flux and shiny 40/60. I’m not sure if I should be thankful or not, the dog-walk tortures will surely go on. Darn.


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