Time To Tax Sunspots

Hams love to reflect. As a result, hams love sunspots. Don’t they just look great?


Trying to justify a 2nd non-ham related post in a row. but don’t tell anyone…

There’s more and more evidence though that these spots – or the activity level of the sun – are responsible for cooling and warming trends, not carbon dioxide. Having studied chemistry, I always found the evidence of man-made global warming thin, razor thin even. This whole CO2 scare annoys me even more because governments use it as an excuse to invent more taxes.

We probably all know the documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”. I enjoyed watching that documentary, but somehow suspected that the word “Truth” (especially when coming out of the mouth of a former politician) was anything but.

Some time ago a group of scientists made another documentary called “The Great Global Warming Swindle“. Very interesting.


3 comments on “Time To Tax Sunspots

  1. Yep, ik heb ook meer gevoel dat we allemaal in de maling genomen worden. Zeer interessant voor commerciële doeleinden. De natuur gaat zijn gang en niemand die daar wat aan kan doen. We kunnen ons alleen maar aanpassen. 73, Bas

  2. Perhaps reading my new book, Grand Phases On The Sun, may give you some new insights into how the sun may be more predictable in its behavior than we think. You may even gain some breadth concerning the issues concerned in climate warming / cooling. You can set the Trafford Publisher’s e-book for around 4 US dollars or a softcover book for less than 16 US.D

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