UV-5R Group for Illegal Users

LOL! Found this on the ‘official’ UV-5R group:


no more feeding trolls!

alas! here is a NEW group for illegal users and unlicensed UV-5r owners.

anyone who has one and use it illegally…simply refer them to this group here.


6 comments on “UV-5R Group for Illegal Users

  1. It’s unlicensed users, too. This would include vhf marine, MURS, and FRS in the U.S.

    Technically, most of the Chinese HTs are just slightly too powerful for MURS, even on the low power settings. Having the ability to use an external antenna makes them illegal to use on FRS. Some models aren’t approved for marine use. They will function for all of these uses, and I wouldn’t hesitate to take the infinitesimal risk in using them for those purposes, but it is illegal.

    The idea is probably to separate the forum from business, public safety, and amateur users who have distinctly different interests. I would probably include GMRS, even though it is ostensibly a licensed service. Most GMRS users are unlicensed and nobody cares. The Chinese HTs make better GMRS radios than the vast majority of radios sold for that purpose, because of the external antenna jack. The radios sold for GMRS rarely have such a jack so that they will be legal for FRS use.


  2. I use my radio’s illegally because I can’t be arsed to do the tests (and pay for tests and licenses really) required to use them.

    I usually stick to PMR, still illegal on my handsets because they are programmable and do 2W or 4W, but it’s highly unlikely I’ll ever disturb anyone this way.

    Now, for my upcoming ski trip, I’ll probably program them to just outside of the PMR band to keep annoying kids out. Normally that shouldn’t give me any trouble either as long as I don’t accidentally stumble upon a frequency in use in the resort. Easy enough to check though, if we hear anyone else we switch back to PMR/

    • You won’t hear me complaining…

      I thought it was kinda strange/funny, because the original group didn’t discriminate between licensed and non-licensed users at all. The group is about the radio, nothing more, nothing less.

      • I like your openmindedness 🙂
        I may not have stressed enough the fact that I do respect everyone who goes through the proper channels and I certainly don’t want to interfere with anyone. Though I would like to listen to the Ski patrol radios, but I’m afraid those are VHF and besides that, I don’t have a scanner to search for their frequencies.

        Another thought. Could I avoid interference with other PMR users by using the frequencies allocated to digital PMR? This way, I still won’t annoy radio amateurs or professionals on their frequencies while keeping our communications kid-interference-free. Anyone with a digital PMR radio (can’t imagine many are in use) would then just hear analog comms which they can filter out.

  3. God Bless the “illegals”. NOT! Gimme a break! The TEST is NOT that hard and if you wish to take advantage of ALL THE USES for these radios — put down the TV remote, cap the lager and put out the ciggie-butt! STUDY JUST A BIT EACH DAY and SAVE A FEW BUCKS A WEEK and YOU CAN DO THE “TALKIE TALK” LEGALLY AND WITHOUT FEAR OF CAUSING ANY ISSUES!

    UNLICENSED TYPICALLY MEANS —-> LAZY, LAZY, LAZY ….. so prove me wrong and do it right!


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